Voices of Boipatong

Timeline of the Boipatong Massacre

Feb 1990
Negotiation settlement 2 Feb De Klerk launches bid for a negotiated settlement.
May 1992
awakening of the masses 19 May
25 May hostel dwellers meet to discuss options
June 1992
preparing for the massacre 16 June
2 warnings were given to the SAPS. 17 June just before 8:00pm The warnings from Watch Mathibedi and Rev. Paul Verryn both stated that violence was imminent.
Police asked SDU members patrolling why they were doing. The SDU informed the police of the imminent attack by the Ikatha. 17 June just after 8:00pm Police dispersed the group with birdshots and tear gas. 5 more similar incidents were reported.
Third warning of imminent violence 17 June 21:30 About 300 armed men coming from KwaMadala hostel were seen crossing the highway that leads to Boipatong read more...
17 June 22:00 start of the massacre
Joe Slovo and Cyril Ramaphosa visit Boipatong 18 June They accuse F.W. de Klerk and police of complicity in the massacre
Bishop Desmond Tutu and Pastor Ray Macauley visited Boipatong 19 June Visited the grieving family
State president F.W. de Klerk visited Boipatong 20 June Although the visited Boipatong he never left the safety of his car. His vehicle was attacked by the local residents of Boipatong that blamed him for the massacre
Winnie Mandela visited Boipatong 20 June
Nelson Mandela and Cyril Ramaphosa as well as other leading members of the ANC visited Boipatong 21 June
Press release by the state 25 June It was release by SAPA given by F.W. de Klerk
National Day of Mourning for the victims of Boipatong 29 June On this day there a mass funeral held for the victims of the Boipatong massacre
July 1992
Court appearance 20 July 77 KwaMadala hostel inmates appear in Vanderbijlpark Magistrate’s Court on 38 charges of murder and 38 counts of public disturbance.
Release of Waddington Report 23 July A 49 page report investigating the police involvement in the events surrounding the Boipatong massacre. It was written by Dr. P.A.J. Waddington, Director, Criminal Justice Studies, University of Reading.
August 1992
The start of Goldstone Commission 05 August Start of Goldstone Commission at Vereeniging Civic Centre
May 1993
47 Residents of KwaMadala and members of the IFP were arrested and convicted. May
July 1993
Death of Victor "Khetisi" Kheswa, as known as the Vaal Monster. July A key witness died in police custody. He was the leader of the Khetisi gang. Kheswa and members of the gang lived in the KwaMadala and were responsible for a number of attacks on Vaal communities between 1991-1993.
November 2000
Judge Ngcobo allows testimonies of all applicants except Nosenga. November This allowed for a non-ANC dominant narrative of the events that occurred at the Boipatong massacre.

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